There are 3 QUALITIES
that distinguish us from competitors…

1. Experience

Rob Yang, the Director of What The Fone, has many years of experience repairing mobile phones. He started out fixing the basic problems, but quickly realised that there were many underlying problems that most phone shops don’t address. He knew that mainboard repair, water damage repairs and especially the precious memories that come with data recovery would be much more beneficial for people in the long run.

Seeing this gap in the market, he realised that he needed to travel to learn the skills required that will allow him to fix many more problems and save people from wasting old phones by simply buying a new phone.

He received intense and highly skilled training overseas and eventually returned to Australia and opened his own business in Brisbane CBD in early 2018.

2. Quality

We are proud to say that we can fix all types of mobile phones and tablets! We offer two types of parts: Refurbished and Aftermarket.

We refurbish screens on-site, so we can guarantee the best quality for our customers!

3. customer service

We provide the best price and service to customers. We have a No Fix, No Pay policy in that if we can’t fix it, there is no out of pocket expense!

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